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17 07 11 Cambodia-01


11 July 2017

One of TWR’s primary ministry aims is reaching oral learners, that is, people who learn primarily or exclusively through oral rather than written means.

The 5.7 billion oral learners in our world include:

  • 7 billion unreached people
  • ~2 billion people without the Old Testament
  • More than 350 million people without a single verse of Scripture in their heart language

Source: International Orality Network

The transformative power of radio to reach oral learners is clear from stories like this one from a listener in Cambodia who, while able to read and write, found it hard to understand what they were reading.

“I liked the Bible, but it was hard to understand. Sometimes I understood, but more often than not, I didn’t.

Reading was a chore for me. Understanding fully what I was reading was even more difficult. I am not highly educated and most people in my village cannot read or write. I started giving up because it was so hard for me to understand what I was reading from the Bible. As time passed, laziness crept in. I slowly stopped reading God’s Word.

But now that I’ve found TWR’s programme, I am happy to say I’m back on track.

The interpretation of the Bible on the programme makes things very clear to me. It has made me joyful listening to the Word.

Now I can hear and learn the Word through the programme and I am keeping up both my reading of the Bible and listening to it.

My spiritual life is encouraged by his Word. I now see the power of God and his love for me as well as my country.”

Please join us in praying for TWR’s ministry to oral learners, particularly for TWR Asia who have huge numbers of oral learners in their region. Pray for the distribution of speakers and radios and for programme production and broadcasting, that the Gospel would speak powerfully into the lives of those who already know the Lord and those who are meeting Him for the first time.

Image below: A member of the TWR Cambodia team with a mobile speaker

17 07 11 Cambodia-02