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12 September 2017

What a privilege to receive this precious listener response from a young woman who has encountered the life-changing love and forgiveness of Christ. The gospel of peace disarms hate and infuses broken lives with joy.

“I hated you when I started to listen to your programmes because you were preaching in our country. I called you nine months ago if you remember. I threatened you and yelled at you. I was angry that you were confusing our people and youth.

I’m a woman educated by a special religious group. You tried to stay calm and answered very softly. I wrote to RTÜK (Radio and Television Supreme Council) and complained about you. I was very angry. I listened every day to your programmes and took notes about the blasphemies.

Then one day I realised that my heart had changed. I was shocked; it was unbelievable. I wanted to listen to your programme because I found peace in it. My anger was gone and I did not know when or how that happened. When you prayed the salvation prayer, I bowed down and prayed with you. I couldn’t stop crying.

I have given my heart to him, but I can’t tell this to anyone. It would be very dangerous for me. I am reading the Bible, but at times it’s hard for me to understand because I’m coming from an area with radicalism. Sometimes I will have a question in my mind about Christianity, then I will listen to your programme, and it is like you are talking directly to me and I understand.

Christ has changed my life. I am not an angry person anymore. Please forgive me for the past, and thank you for being there.”

– Turkish listener, 26 years old