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17 06 20 MERA-01


20 June 2017

Hungary has suffered a century of political upheaval, surviving the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the imposition of Communism and the uprising and demonstrations of 2006. Political scandals have brought disappointment and scepticism to a people who are now looking for answers in materialism through a pick and mix of religious ideas.

But Hungary is also home to a number of growing Christian ministries with a vision for an evangelical church in every city, town and village*. These ministries include TWR Hungary (known locally as MERA), which has been supported for a number of years by TWR-UK. It is therefore a great joy to us to hear about letter from listeners in Hungary, like this one:

I am a kindergarten teacher, so I am in contact with many people. Many times I see into families’ lives, their joys and difficult situations, as well. I also often recommend MERA programmes to them to listen to. I’m so glad when they tell me about the blessings of what they heard on these radio programmes! Not only I and my loved ones but also my friends and acquaintances are faithful listeners of MERA broadcasts.

The listener goes on to say, “Thank you for the many nicely prepared programmes, and I am sincerely grateful to our God. God bless you and give you strength for the continuation of the work in his service. You are all in my prayers.

To hear the rest of this listener’s story, tune in to TWR Wavelength this weekend, or listen later at our website.


*Prepared with information from Operation World, 7th Ed.