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5 December 2017

Trans World Radio in the Dominican Republic celebrated 30 years of ministry last month.

We are promised in the Scriptures that the word of the Lord will not return empty, and this has been seen in abundance as listeners have partnered with RTM Dominican Republic (as TWR is known locally) to further the ministry.

When the ministry’s staff prayed for help with a new phone system, someone came along who installed a new system and didn’t want compensation, saying it was his contribution to the work. Others – a Christian psychologist, for example – volunteered to help with radio productions.

After a caller made a substantial contribution to boost Bonaire’s broadcast power, he shared his testimony. He had listened to Bonaire broadcasts for years before becoming a believer, and by the time he had accepted Christ, he already had a sizeable store of Bible knowledge. Now he’s blessing others by supporting ministry and by paying for 30 people to take part in an upcoming workshop providing media training for Christian communicators.

And then there is RTM Dominican Republic itself: as a 14-year-old, Eduardo Féliz listened every day to programmes beamed to the Dominican Republic from TWR’s station on Bonaire, and when he grew up, he became a pastor.

Eventually, he met TWR personnel and was asked to join the staff on Bonaire, where he produced radio programmes and corresponded with listeners. When a TWR office was to be opened in the Dominican Republic, Féliz was asked to return home and get it started.

As Bienvenida González, director of the ministry, said, “Every time we need something, God sends people to our programme to help us.”

We thank God for so many years of fruitful ministry in the Dominican Republic and pray for many more to come.