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23 May 2017

We have recently had a flurry of emails from listeners and supporters throughout the UK. It has been heart-warming and encouraging to hear how the Lord has been working through the broadcasts, speaking into people’s lives.

We hope that you are similarly encouraged by hearing about how God is working in the UK through TWR, and if you have your own story please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Some of our listeners have been helped in really specific ways through particular programmes.

“TWR has been exactly what I needed. The Leadership Forum is brilliant. Please continue to follow the Spirit’s lead with your programmes.”


“I have just managed to hear part of a talk on Deuteronomy. What a blessing it has been! I have been deeply moved by the relevance of Deuteronomy for my life/ our lives in these days. So many need to hear this; I haven’t heard anything like it before. I have been a believer for 49 years under many biblical teachers but have heard nothing like this.”


Another listener shared the moving story of how she has been helped through difficult times.

“I’ve been listening to TWR over many years both from South Africa and since we moved here over 15 years ago. Especially more recently through the 18 months of my husband’s terminal cancer. It was invaluable listening to TWR teachings, through his dying process, preparing for heaven. Our Heavenly Father carried us through this heart-breaking time, giving us treasured memories. Our Saviour Jesus is healing my broken heart, as He promised He would.”


And sometimes just getting the signal is an answer to prayer! A listener and supporter from a remote spot in the British Isles contacted us to say,

“30 minutes ago we finally, finally tuned into TWR via online! And listened for the first time in many years to a clear TWR! This week after approximately 10 years our internet provider has unexpectedly upgraded our signal And now audio seems to work! This is an answer to prayer.  Anyway, I’m obviously excited and the first programme we were able to listen to was called In Touch with Charles Stanley.”


(Some parts have been edited for clarity, length or privacy)