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Cuba (2)


22 August 2017

As we step ever-closer to upgrading the AM transmitter on Bonaire, we are looking forward to seeing the Lord bring transformation to Latin America. That transformation comes to Cuba through programmes like Our Home, a new counselling programme set to provide Biblical responses to the concerns of listeners, launching soon in Cuba thanks to the help of TWR Canada.

Since 2009 Alberto Gonzalez has been creating Messages of Faith and Hope, a Christian programme made in Cuba aimed specifically for Cuban people – the first of its kind. Each year Alberto receives close to 2500 letters, over 500 emails and 400 calls from listeners. Many declare that TWR radio programmes are their church and Alberto is their pastor. Today there are too many letters from listeners for him to respond to personally and so he relies on a team of three pastors who assist in writing replies.

17 08 22 Cuba

There had long been a desire to produce counselling programmes, but one challenge after another prevented Alberto and his team from moving forward. He remained prayerful and hopeful as he sought God’s will.

At the beginning of the year, Alberto met a young man whose personal hobby is recording Christian programmes for his church. He distributes these to his congregation on CDs. A relationship was formed and Alberto continued to patiently pray and wait on God’s direction, which soon became clear.

“The Lord has put the group together, choosing the people who have joined us to carry out this plan,” he said.

The team for Our Home comprises the young man as producer, his father as editor, Alberto as pastor and counsellor and two women who write programmes which directly answer concerns raised by listeners through letters, calls and visits. The team are experienced in using Biblical counselling methods and have been trained in responding to the needs in their communities with spiritual wisdom.

The initial set of programmes have been planned out, and the team hope and pray that they can be aired soon. And now that the Bonaire Power Up project has crossed the finish line for fundraising, this vital ministry can reach many more people across Cuba with clear Gospel content.