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6 February 2018

Daniel’s life was full of sorrow, then he came across TWR Malawi which caused him some serious soul-searching.

You can hear his story in his own words by watching the video, or by reading the transcript below.

TWR’s work is vital to the spreading of the Gospel in Malawi. Many people, including among the country’s leaders, claim Christianity as their religion, but the sound teaching of the Bible has been neglected.

Translation and radio ministries are vital to the spread of the Gospel, and you will hear from Daniel’s story how God is using traditional and new broadcasting methods together to call people to the Kingdom.

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In southern Africa, many people claim Christianity as their religion. However sound biblical teaching is often neglected. TWR Malawi provides biblical teaching to this country, helping Christians to understand and apply the word of God. Daniel lives in the capital, Lilongwe, with his wife and daughter. This is his story.

“The Lord has done a wonderful thing for me; I cannot summarise is all in a few words. The truth is, my life is changed. You can relate sin with a fish that’s not in water. It cannot survive on land, and that is exactly how my life was. At the end of the day everything I did brought some kind of sorrow in my life. I started listening to Trans World Radio. The programme aired a lot of sermons that really touched my heart and made me do some deep soul searching.

I mostly use an app on my phone called TWR360 and with this I can listen to any programme I want.

I decided to go and meet Trans World myself, and from that day onwards, I started believing in God. For God does not want us to live in sin. He gave us another Good News: he sent His only son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins and brought us eternal life. We will be saved because of what Jesus did for us.

I know that TWR is a great influence in my life. I became born again because I believed the good news, and I know that the message at the time was really meant for me.”