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18 July 2017

We are thrilled to be able to share with you some truly exciting news from the Caribbean: TWR’s three year project to reach millions more people in Cuba and across Latin America has reached its fundraising target!

After a final push to raise the necessary funds, TWR’s CEO Lauren Libby announced the success of the campaign in an email to TWR staff worldwide.

“I am overjoyed to announce that the financial need to upgrade the station from 100,000 watts to 450,000 watts has been met!” Libby wrote. “The transmitter has been ordered, the antenna array will be tuned in early July and, Lord willing, the sign-on will occur by the end of January.”

“God has been very gracious throughout the entire project,” Libby said. “Over 220 volunteers have visited Bonaire to work on the project. U.S. churches have been involved, large donors have given generously and thousands of people have given toward the project.”

Donations over and above the £2.5 million target will be used to help pay for the increased electricity required to run the more powerful transmitter, Libby said.

For an overview of what TWR hopes to achieve through this enormous project, tune in to TWR Wavelength this weekend, or catch up later on demand at our website.


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