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Titus II


25 April 2017

The advantages to having notes and outlines to refer to while listening to Bible-teaching radio have long been known, but the question is always how to get those materials into people’s hands, especially in places which are not well-served with internet connectivity.

TWR’s powerful transmitters can send not only traditional radio signals but also digital signals containing notes and outlines or other discipleship materials, and a new device is set to open up the range of possibilities for using this capability. Developed by PantronX in co-operation with TWR, the Titus II is tablet computer which can also pick up radio signals.

The Titus II receives high-quality digital and analogue broadcast signals that can be listened to like any other AM, FM or shortwave radio. But like other digital devices, it can connect to the internet,  store and play text, audio and video content, and could even come pre-loaded with programmes to listen to.

As well as being a receiver and player, the Titus II can become a hub which allows it to connect to other devices and pass content on, all without the need for an internet connection.

Steve Shantz, a TWR regional vice-president, had a role in the collaboration between TWR and PantronX. “This piece of technology is a game changer,” Shantz said, “…The ministry potential for this inexpensive yet robust device is definitely exciting.”