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17 09 19 Guam birthday-01


19 September 2017

On 5 September KTWR, TWR’s shortwave station on Guam, celebrated 40 years on the airwaves. The team will be marking the occasion with a celebration on 26 September.

“This is a big milestone for Guam and TWR,” said Grant Hodgins, KTWR station manager. “Being a part of sharing the Gospel throughout all of Asia for 40 years means a lot of people have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. TWR not only shares the Gospel so people can know their Saviour, they encourage discipleship so that believers can grow and learn about being a follower of Christ.”


Guam Broadcasting Facts
•    4,447 total broadcast hours in 2016, averaging 86 hours of programmes a week.
•    Broadcasts to 19 countries, including North Korea, China and Vietnam


Over the course of 40 years the station has seen developments in equipment and technology, with some of the biggest changes coming in recent years:

2013: Two of the aging 100kW transmitters were replaced with refurbished 250kW ones, ready for a digital future.

2014: The beginning of the solar panel project. The complete project will have a total power capacity of 82kW, bringing saving of 9% on the site’s enormous electricity bill, and allowing KTWR to reach more people.

2016: The team made history by transmitting a digital data file over shortwave from Guam to Thailand, the first time this was successfully done over a 3,000 mile distance.

2017: The Titus II device is unveiled, which bridges the gap between traditional broadcasts and digital content.


As TWR Guam looks to the future, please join us in praying for them:

  • For fruitfulness in countries where proclaiming the Gospel is restricted or even forbidden.
  • For ongoing protection for the transmitting site, particularly through typhoon season.