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7 November 2017

One obvious advantage of Christian radio is that it can be understood among the hundreds of millions of people in the world who can’t read. We recently brought you an update from RiverCross, a TWR partner who use orality methods to help traumatised children.

Radio’s inexpensive availability to so many listeners, even in remote, poorer areas, means that TWR’s broadcasts become a powerful platform for taking the Gospel to people who can’t read the Bible for themselves.

This brief and heart-warming statement came from one of these listeners and was recorded and passed along to us by our partner in Angola:

“I came all the way to see you. My life was changed by this programme. I should write a letter but don’t know how to write; therefore, I came by myself just to see you.

My village is far from here – about 200 kilometres [about 125 miles]. But because your programme is the programme that changed my life, I came to give you a handshake. This programme is fantastic and I am sure that it was God who called you to do this job so that many people can see the light of life.”

Hearing back from listeners who cannot read or write is a rare privilege, but through these small snapshots we can see the impact the ministry has among oral communities.

Cambodia’s prison population benefits from this approach: many prisoners come from oral communities, and many more do not have access to written materials. TWR Cambodia worked with a volunteer named Bohpa to give her access to a portable MegaVoice unit. Pre-loaded with Stories of the Potter, a Khmer-language programme produced by TWR Cambodia for oral learners, this audio player speaks Jesus’ promises of life, redemption and salvation to the incarcerated. It also gives instruction on biblical values and behaviour so that the listeners can apply these to their lives.

“I take the MegaVoice with me so that they can listen,” Bohpa says. “It is the best tool to help me evangelise, and even their leader tells me so. I pray to the Lord that he will provide more of this kind of tool so more can do the work of his Kingdom!”