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24 October 2017

We often bring you stories from listeners around the world, but today we want to highlight the impact TWR has right here in the UK. These are the stories of three UK listeners who found the broadcasts helped them through some of their darkest days. The stories have been edited for clarity, length and privacy.

I listened online following the recent passing on of my husband into eternity with His Saviour Jesus. He enjoyed many of the programmes, and they influenced his drawing nearer to the Lord in his last months bedridden with cancer. The Lord was so near to us, carrying us through with amazing peace and love. Thank you all the team at TWR, such a blessing to brothers and sisters around the world and all those that are being drawn into the ever increasing, growing family of God.


I’ve been listening to TWR for many years, especially when I’ve been confined at home through operations and mobility setbacks, and more recently through my husband’s terminal cancer. He was bedridden at home for 4 months being cared for by me and a team of Hospice at Home medics. It was invaluable listening to TWR teachings through his process of dying, preparing for heaven. Our Heavenly Father carried us through this heart-breaking time, giving us treasured memories. Our Saviour Jesus, is healing my broken heart, as He promised He would.


This year has been very difficult for us, with illness & death in the family. We do not know how anyone who does not have faith and the comfort of the Lord could have got through the testing time we experienced. I am writing this to you to tell you what your programmes have meant to me. During and after the funeral we had a difficult and tumultuous time with family members, and then my husband returned to the UK. I followed him shortly after, exhausted from all the emotions & difficult circumstances. I had tuned in to TWR in while we were away and I was delighted to find that I could tune in to TWR-UK. The Lord gave me the time here to heal. TWR has mentored to my aching heart. I have gained and learned so much. My faith is so much stronger and comforted. I was given the time to listen to and to see the vision of heaven, the other world waiting for us. I laugh; I have joy; I am living in anticipation. I thank God for all of you at TWR and for all the speakers on your programmes. I pray that these vital messages will reach many ears.