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18 April 2017

There have been a number of developments in Central Asia recently, some for the better, some not, along with some exciting ministry opportunities. We would love you to join us in praying for this diverse region and the work of the Gospel among its people.

  • Work started on a new recording studio in August 2016 and is now in its final phase. Once the building is completed, approval will be needed from the authorities before the team can move in.
  • Smartphones are rapidly becoming the media tool of choice for young people in Central Asia, and so work has begun on a new smartphone app, through which we expect to be able to reach younger listeners.
  • We thank God for strong transmitters which enable us to cover all of Central Asia with a strong signal. These technical sites must be maintained and kept up to date. Pray for God’s protecting hand over the site and for wisdom for the engineers overseeing necessary repairs.
  • We have been praying for the possibility of broadcasting programmes via FM in Kazakhstan for some time. It seems we are getting closer to this goal.
  • The government is in the process of passing stricter laws in Kyrgyzstan. As far as we can tell, this would further restrict the churches and the believers in this country.
  • After 21 years the translation of the Turkmen Bible is completed and on its way to print. In the same way, we rejoice with the Uzbek people, that translation of their scripture is finished and printed!


Main image: V Iker


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