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17 05 02 Bonaire update-01


21 November 2017

The installation of the new antenna on Bonaire was not making good progress. Tom King and Daryl VanDyken had come over to install it and connect it to the current transmitter, but things were not working.

So the team requested prayer.

“We could feel the support of prayer as things started to come together very well,” Daryl reported. Often working long into the night, Tom King stayed on Bonaire for an extra week to complete the antenna installation. Before his departure, he noted in amazement, “This is a miracle. We have the perfect transmitter readings here. This must be the Lord doing it; that’s not me!”

Even while still running on the old transmitter, with the new antenna system in place, TWR is receiving positive feedback about a clearer signal from partners in Cuba, Brazil and Venezuela. “Our board member in Caracas asked whether Bonaire is already on the new transmitter,” wrote Gabriel Fernandez of TWR Venezuela. “In my own house in Maracai, the signal is so clear now that it is like I am standing next to the transmitter!”

This improved signal was key in enabling TWR to step in with encouragement in the wake of the recent hurricanes in the region. You can read more about that here.

Meanwhile the new transmitter is to be found in rather colder climes, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Four TWR staff members have spent a week there to train and practice using the transmitter while in operation. The transmitter is set to arrive on Bonaire in mid-December with installation and testing in early January, just prior to the dedication on 30 January 2018.

We look forward to bringing you more good news as the Good News goes out to the Caribbean with an ever-stronger voice.