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10 October 2017

Back in 2015 we brought you exciting news about Holding Esther, an academically rigorous and pastorally focussed audio drama which enables care givers to provide trauma care to vulnerable orphans. You can catch up on the project by clicking here.

RiverCross has recently raised its public profile with a new look, new website and an expanded ministry team, headed up by Cindy Finley, who took over as Global Ministry Director in 2016.

“God is stirring the hearts of people to actively engage in caring for the world’s most vulnerable children,” Finley said. “At a recent RiverCross event, $20,000 was raised for the ministry with the majority expressing a desire to also be involved by praying, advocating, collaborating and serving. It is exciting to be part of what God is doing!”

As RiverCross continues developing its organisational structure, it isn’t taking its eye off the ball: producing and distributing high-quality audio dramas with messages of trauma healing. Holding Esther is playing on radio stations in Zambia with a potential audience of 5 million. More than 200 caregivers have already participated in RiverCross training sessions, mobilising them to help vulnerable children in their communities.

Another new production, Jabota Bridge, is in the script writing phase. This programme is intended for the orphans themselves. The new drama will feature the character Naomi and the children living in the safe house across Jabota Bridge as they work together through life’s adventures and struggles.

RiverCross envisions producing more than 150 episodes of Jabota Bridge for vulnerable children to listen to on radio, the internet or solar-powered MP3 players. The young listeners will be able to identify with the characters in the drama, many of whom share the same traumatic backgrounds experienced by the listeners.

Although kids can listen to the dramas on their own, the programme will have the most impact when caring adults join the youths to discuss the content and how to apply it. A discussion page will be available for each episode to help guide the interaction.

To find out more about RiverCross and to find out why this approach to orphan care really works, simply head to their new-look website,

Picture: Cindy Finley with children in Zambia