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14 March 2017

Qelibare is a 45-year-old woman who is married and has two teenage sons. Some years ago her husband had to go and live in Greece for two years. It was an extremely hard time for her, taking care of the children on her own, but during that time she accepted Jesus into her heart.

After her husband returned Qelibare was a different person and she wanted to let him know about the great change in her life. In the beginning her husband was reluctant, but seeing his wife’s behaviour, he understood that something was different. She talked to him about Jesus and the life that He offers.

One of her friends told her about TWR and ever since then she never turned off the radio. Since she works at home as a tailor, the radio doesn’t disturb her at all. At the same time her husband had the chance to hear the radio programmes as well. He was timid and didn’t like to encounter crowds of people when attending church, so the radio programmes made things easier for him as they came directly into the privacy of their home. Slowly his heart began to soften, and he decided to go to the church. Now he is a believer!

Qelibare wrote to TWR to say:

“Your radio programmes have helped me a lot, encouraged me, made me cry, and understand who I am and who I belong to. The teachings have inspired me to take more time with God. Sometimes it seems that I do not have time, but God reminds me that he has created the day with 24 hours and there is time for everything.

We are people, and sometimes we get off the track of the Lord, but praise the Lord that he is always there to help and take our hand.

Radio is a great tool! It is not only for us as believers but also for many unbelievers.”

Qelibare has been an encouragement to many clients who have come to have a dress or something else made, and the radio has helped her to share the message of the Gospel, both with her husband and her clients.