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Dick Saunders


23 January 2018

We are sorry to announce that one of TWR-UK’s most loved Bible teachers, Dick Saunders, has passed away at the age of 87.

Dick’s programmes Way to Life and Rendezvous have been staples on TWR-UK for many years and we continue to broadcast repeats of Rendezvous for his committed body of listeners.

Dick’s early career was in horticulture, but after the age of 18 he had a growing sense of God’s call to full-time Christian work, but it was the death of his second child that, as Dick put it, “drew me out into Christian work.”

After three and a half years with Open Air Mission (“the toughest years of my life”) he developed his own ministry along with his wife Betty, whose godly counsel over the years has been valued by many. “I’m sure I made an awful mess of preaching in the early days,” Dick said, “but the Lord just took hold of me and led me along.”

Dick received no formal training in theology, but had no regrets. “The early years in my life were spend with men: tough men, godless men, men that didn’t want anything to do with spiritual things, and I believe the best schooling in my life was spent in my working life.”

TWR and Dick’s Way to Life ministry began working together back in 1964, and in the intervening 60 years his programmes have been broadcast from TWR’s transmitters in every region of the world, and in 2001 received a plaque commemorating his outstanding contribution to radio ministry. Several hundred guests gathered to watch the ceremony.

Dick retired from his radio ministry in 2004, and reflecting on his life and ministry, said, “I can quite honestly say that I haven’t had doubts about the authenticity of the Bible or the relevance of the Bible to present times and, what can I say more, I’ve never had any doubts about my own salvation. I’m very thankful to God that I’m not a man prone to doubts.”

Some years ago, Dick confided, “I’m not asking the Lord to give me a long life [but] I would love to be a gracious old man for people to come to and glean from my years of experience.”

You will surely join us in thanking God for answering his prayer so faithfully, for his many years of fruitful ministry and for the rest he now enjoys with his Saviour. We also remember in our prayers his whole family and most particularly Betty – his wife of over 60 years.

Dick Saunders