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17 09 02 Ukraine-01


29 August 2017

A bomb fell on Alisa’s home in eastern Ukraine, destroying it.

By God’s grace, she escaped and found refuge with other Christians two villages down the road. Once she made it to safety, Alisa* realised, “I’m missing something!” Her radio was still in the rubble that had been her home. Hoping it hadn’t been damaged or looted, and “with people still shooting, right and left,” Alisa went back into the war zone.

Throughout Ukraine – especially in the war-ravaged east – people are dealing with fear, pain and grief. And they long for hope and healing.

As Pastor Alex Chmut, director of TWR Ukraine, shared recently, “Thousands of our fellow citizens are killed, tens of thousands are wounded. … People that live around us are filled with anxiety, fear, anger and the spirit of unforgiveness.”

Ukrainians, like Alisa, crave God’s Word spoken clearly and confidently into their lives.

Will you help share the love of Jesus Christ with them? I’m praying that you and friends like you will provide the funds to continue delivering programmes and airtime in Ukraine. Your gift today will refresh Alisa and other spiritually thirsty Ukrainian listeners with TWR’s hope-filled truth.

While some listeners struggle with losing loved ones, others wrestle with the loss of limbs and other physical challenges.

17 09 02 Ukraine-03

Sasha* told us, “I listen to you every day and rejoice about the fact that you visit me – a lonely person. You fill my house with joy, comfort and encouragement. I am an invalid, yet I praise God that I can rejoice in him. It is cold in my house, but I fill hot-water bottles and put them in my bed so I can keep warm while I listen to the programmes and have fellowship with you. I am so happy that you exist and cannot imagine life without these Christian programmes.”

Most of the FM and TV programmes from Ukraine are jammed within the separatist-controlled region. But God is not silent: he has provided a far-reaching AM signal and our AM programmes are getting through unhindered. As one listener put it:

“What a difficult situation it is in Ukraine at the moment. Many people ask: Lord, is this situation hopeless? Yet the Bible gives answers to people’s questions. Jesus said: ‘In this world you will have trials. But be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.’ I thank God for these promises. May God bless you to carry on proclaiming his Word of grace!”


If you are able to give to this vital project, simply click on the link which will take you to our online donations page, or contact our UK office for other methods of donation.

 17 09 02 Ukraine-02

*All names have been changed for privacy and security purposes