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25 July 2017

For over 50 years TWR has been broadcasting across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. In that time the Gospel has worked powerfully in the lives of many people, including two young men whose stories we bring you today.

Ahmad* grew up in Iran where his father was arrested during political upheavals and later died in prison. Ahmad would do his homework while listening to the radio and through TWR heard the message of the Gospel. He got a New Testament and listened to the programmes with interest, but nevertheless became a devout believer of another faith.

But God intervened in Ahmad’s life through some unexpected means and brought him to faith in Jesus and into the arms of a church who could disciple him well and who told us his story.

Our other listener grew up in Syria, devotedly following the rules of the religion he was born into. It was an atmosphere of fear where God’s wrath was a constant threat, and where there was no hope of a personal relationship with God He filled his days with religious study, but his life remained empty until one day he found himself listening to TWR.

You can hear the rest of these stories in the words of those who told them by tuning in to TWR Wavelength. You can listen this weekend on any of the usual channels or later by going to and finding TWR Wavelength episode 9.

*His name has been changed.

Photo credit: A Wenzel