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14 November 2017

From oil-rich Kazakhstan to impoverished Tajikistan, the part of the world known as Central Asia is an extremely varied region. Christians are in the minority throughout the area, but range from the maturing Christian community of Kyrgyzstan to Turkmenistan where the tiny Christian minority of perhaps 1000 people is persecuted. TWR works across
the region to speak hope in the heart languages of these diverse people.

We recently received this amazing account from a TWR staff member who had been in Central Asia:

“While travelling through Central Asia this past June, we met a taxi driver who is a believer. He drove us all the way to the Kazakh border, where we then parted and travelled further. On the ride, he told us that he is an evangelist and drives a taxi to earn a livelihood. He uses the taxi to evangelise in his own unique way, and our FM broadcasts play an important part in it. When the time for the programme comes up, he switches on his radio. Whoever sits in the taxi hears the broadcast. Often people ask whether it is a CD or a tape. When they hear it is a radio programme, they listen very attentively. After the programme, he engages his clients in a discussion about his beliefs. So the taxi ride turns into an evangelistic event.

We were so happy to meet this man. We are a big team working together to extend God’s Kingdom in this world.”

Gospel work in Central Asia is difficult and often comes with persecution at a personal and governmental level. Please pray for Christians in the area, especially for people like this taxi driver who have the bravery and dedication to speak publicly about their faith.

TWR-UK’s supporters recently gave generously to a project bringing new offices and studios to the region. Central Asia may be a difficult and apparently spiritually dry area, but, praise God, we see the Gospel bearing fruit in lives of ordinary people.

“I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! Brothers and sisters, I believe the words of Christ will reach my relatives too. Amen!“

“Peace be with you. I also believe in Isa Masich (Jesus Christ). Brothers, I was full of joy to hear you on the radio.“

“Where can I get a New Testament?“