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13 June 2017

From oil-rich Kazakhstan to impoverished Tajikistan, the part of the world known as Central Asia is an extremely varied region. Christians are in the minority throughout the area, but range from the maturing Christian community of Kyrgyzstan to Turkmenistan where the tiny Christian minority of perhaps 1000 people is persecuted. TWR works across the region to speak hope in the heart languages of these diverse people.

In December 2015 an increase in hostility towards Christians in the region meant that TWR had to leave a set of offices and studios and seek a safer environment. Funds were raised from across the world, including from here in the UK, and by June 2016 a suitable piece of land was found and work commenced. In April of this year we heard that work was in its final phase, and the staff are now preparing to move in.

Thanks to your generosity and the dedication of the team in Central Asia this transition has been achieved without any break in transmission: TWR has continued speaking hope to Central Asia, and now can continue to do so on into the future.

The work of these offices and studios is of eternal consequence, as you can tell from this account from a staff member:

“A woman came to the fellowship for the first time. I introduced myself and asked her whether she had heard about God and knows Jesus. She replied she had heard about God on the radio…in her own language. But then she lost the frequency. We talked about the programmes and I gave her a CD and an information sheet. She gladly accepted it. We have since learned that her husband forbid her to come to the fellowship again. Please pray for this searching woman. We hope she has found the broadcasts on the FM transmitter and is listening.”

  • Please join us in praising God for his provision of land, offices and studios, and pray that this new studio and offices would be effective for the Gospel.
  • Please also pray for opportunities which have arisen for spreading the Good News via FM transmitters into several areas, and please pray for more such opportunities to arise.

For more testimony from Central Asia and more pointers for how to pray for the region, tune into TWR Wavelength this weekend on TWR-UK or catch up later at this link.

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