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17 12 19-01


19 December 2017

The upgrade to the Bonaire transmitter is fast approaching, thanks to the contributions of generous supporters from the UK and across the globe. This transmitter beams the Gospel into spiritually hungry places, and the Good News is bearing fruit.

 See how TWR’s life-changing broadcasts impact across this huge region, through the words of some of our listeners:

 From Desert Hot Springs, California

I thank God for having found the programmes. They are a blessing for me and my family; they are a blessing to everyone who listens. Thanks brothers. May God bless you greatly.

 From Guatemala

I started listening to the programmes when I was young and what a blessing they have been to my spiritual growth! God continues to bless because my sons and daughters also listen to them and can bless my grandchildren with the blessed Word that you explain.

 From Venezuela

My heart rejoices to see how Trans World Radio has blessed my life. My Dad received Christ 33 years ago through this station and I grew up listening to them. My father left to be with the Lord, but now I teach my children to listen to the programmes.

 From Cuba

You are my spiritual family that provide me with spiritual sustenance. I live with gratitude in my heart for you. The work of the Lord remains as firm rock here in Cuba. We are workers, advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are workers trained by the work of TWR that has edified us spiritually.

 From Colombia

The combination of the “magic” of the radio with the powerful edification of the Word of God, which comes to us every day has helped me to have a greater commitment in the study of the Sacred Scriptures. And this combined with social networks offers me a productive and effective tool for my relationship with God.

 From the Dominican Republic

Since I began to listen to you, my life has changed and I feel that my knowledge of the Word of God has been growing in a surprising rhythm. I am a Bible school teacher and it has been a great blessing for my ministerial life to listen to the programmes.

It is incredible the impact these Bible studies are having on my life and on the people around me. Wherever I have to teach the Word of God, I can talk about these programmes and apply the knowledge I have learned from them. I also share the notes I have downloaded from the website.