Bountiful Blessings!

27 December 2014

INDIA — A 60-year-old listener from India shared with us how listening to a TWR-India programme brought blessings in her life.

“I live in a village in Amravati district. My family belonged to a different religious background.

My husband had an addiction to liquor and was unable to work without consuming it. His income went to the purchase of liquor and his drinking habits made him prone to illness.

On one occasion, he was very ill. I took him to a hospital and the doctor diagnosed that his liver was badly damaged. The doctor thought he could not survive past six months.

It was a great shock to me. I was overwhelmed by the situation and did not understand what to do. The fateful day came when he passed away.

All the family responsibilities were laid upon my shoulders. I was very depressed. I brought my daughters with me to earn a living to meet the needs of the family.

One day, I was introduced to the radio programme In Touch. As I listened to the program, my heart was filled with peace.

I am a regular listener of your programmes now. I pray in the name of Jesus each time. He has given me joy!

A visitor came to our home and asked for the hand of my elder daughter for his son. The discussion was fruitful and she was married two months later. I was certain that it was an answer to my prayers.

In that year, we also received a good income from the harvest of crops from our fields. Once again, I felt that it was an answer to my prayers.

I believe in Him and my faith has grown stronger. After my husband’s demise, I thought I would be alone. Now I know that my personal Saviour always lives in me. He is taking good care of me.”

We give thanks and praise to God for watching over this widow’s life. Let us remember other widows in prayer, who are crying out for a hope in their moments of despair.