Broadcast coverage in Spain gets boost

27 December 2014

A new agreement with commercial FM networks is resulting in a sizable expansion of TWR’s outreach to the country that was the goal of the ministry’s earliest broadcasts.

Dr. Paul Freed’s calling to use radio to preach the Gospel to Spain launched TWR in the early 1950s. Sixty years after the first broadcasts from Tangier, Morocco, into Spain, an agreement has been reached that will allow for a programme produced by one of TWR’s oldest global media partners to have a wider potential audience in the latter country than ever before.

This is the first time TWR has done business with Intereconomía and RKM, and the potential audience for the broadcast classic Thru the Bible has risen about 50 percent, to 30 million listeners via 80 commercial FM stations. About 70 percent of Spain is within the coverage area.

Another broadcast outlet, Radio Encuentro, which belongs to TWR national partner Canal de Vida, also disseminates Gospel programming.

“Praise the Lord for this new opportunity to broadcast the Gospel with a clear signal on so many FM stations in Spain, and pray for a growing number of listeners,” said the director of TWR ministry in Southern Europe.

Map by UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)