Building God’s Kingdom

27 December 2014

Please help us build God’s Kingdom through Gospel radio

Here is a message we received from one of our listeners in Asia:

“Because I am the only Christian in my village, I am robbed of fellowship with fellow believers in Christ. Thank the Lord, one day, I found Trans World Radio’s programmes. I started listening regularly, and it filled me with the Words of the Most High. It encourages me and helps me understand the Bible. I am so glad that you send the Gospel to me in my native language.”

Our broadcasts are touching lives here in the UK and all around the world. Your support enables TWR to reach literally millions of people with the life-saving news that Jesus died for them, to reconcile them to God, and to one another. If ever such a message was needed in the world, it is needed just as much today!

We are so grateful to those who have given so generously towards TWR’s work. Thanks to your support and commitment, we are seeing lives and communities transformed, and churches revitalised.

Yet there is so much more we can do. The potential is vast. This year, with God’s continued blessing, we want to share the Good News about Jesus Christ even further. TWR is serious about evangelism, discipleship and mission – we want to see many people coming to Christ through our broadcasts, we want to encourage Christians everywhere in
their discipleship and growth, and we want them to get involved in our ministry.

To be able to fulfil our vision, we need your partnership through prayer and financial support. If you feel able to help, please consider supporting TWR