Outreach ongoing as Philippines Recovers

27 December 2014

Conditions in typhoon-shattered areas of the Philippines are improving, but TWR’s national partner in the Pacific island nation continues to scramble to respond to needs among the desolation.

More than 6,000 people have been listed as dead and damage costs climb toward US$1 billion in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda locally), which struck the country IN November, 2013.

Soon after the powerful typhoon passed, the staff of TWR Philippines, whose office is outside the hardest-hit areas, was busy making plans to reach out to their suffering compatriots. A number of the staff travelled to the damaged towns to help distribute food, pray with survivors and hand out 300 radios so survivors can tune into special TWR programming.

“The survivors welcomed us without any reservation,” said Leonardo Perez, ministry director of TWR Philippines. “They were so open in sharing their experiences. The ‘small’ relief goods that we shared with them and the radio units that were received by selected individuals are very much appreciated.”

Another 1,000 radios are to be distributed in an upcoming trip. And the special programme created in response to the crisis, Emergency Philippines, is still being beamed to survivors on shortwave daily bearing messages of spiritual, psychological and physical advice and encouragement.