Q & A with Alan Cureton, President of Northwestern College

27 December 2014

On the TWR Guam transmitter dedication trip in November 2011, TWR’s magazine and Web content editor Katie Burke interviewed Alan Cureton, president of Northwestern College.

KB: Your listeners back in the U.S. were very responsive to the transmitter replacement campaign. Why do you think this project resonated so well with them?

AC: By increasing the signal strength of the transmitters on Guam, TWR will be able to broadcast a clearer and stronger signal throughout the continents of Asia and Indonesia as they proclaim the Good News. Northwestern Media listeners clearly understood this opportunity. They wanted to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. This project does just that. The new signal power will reach listeners TWR has never reached before this event.

KB: What has impressed you about TWR’s transmitting facility on Guam?

AC: Its vast and incredible coverage. Lauren Libby, president of TWR, told me that with the new signal strength TWR has heard from individuals as far away as Russia and Norway! That is impressive! Also, the transmitter’s location is perfect for reaching the continent of Asia and beyond. The Lord clearly created that piece of land on the south part of Guam for this purpose and use.

KB: What have you thought about the TWR staff you’ve had the opportunity to meet?

AC: Their commitment to provide the strongest technological foundation possible to fulfill the mission of TWR. The men and women currently serving at the Guam transmitter site are deeply committed to the cause of Christian radio. As shown in their words and deeds, they take pride in their calling.

KB: What do you appreciate most about the relationship between Northwestern and TWR?

AC: The opportunity to collaborate with TWR on a project that will impact the Kingdom and help fulfill the Great Commission. My only question now…what is the next opportunity for possible collaboration?