Radio forum supports embattled syrians

27 December 2014

Hope for Syria, an interactive live broadcast produced by TWR with other Christian media partners, has become a forum for lament, advice and encouragement since going on the air in early July.

“We bring you comfort and peace in the name of Jesus,” the programme hosts tell listeners in the Middle Eastern nation beset by war and recent reports of chemical-weapon attacks on civilians. Callers to Hope for Syria have told about the tragic conditions of daily life and pleaded for prayer support, and others have responded by promising prayers and offering encouragement for their fellow citizens.

One woman called from Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, to tell of a serious bread shortage and to urge Christians to share with others. Trust in God to provide from day to day, she said, and share your bread rather than let it go bad amid the power outages.

A follow-up caller endorsed the woman’s appeal for more sharing and recounted his own experience. When he gave one of his two loaves of bread to a neighbour who asked for help, the Lord provided the caller with two more loaves the very next day, he told the programme hosts.

The radio programme, which airs for 30 minutes daily in the Syrian Arabic language at 11:56 p.m. Syrian time on 1233 AM, includes devotions, an emphasis on God’s love, hope and peace, and other encouraging topics. Prayer is offered on the air, as are readings of applicable biblical passages and counseling for people traumatised by life in a war zone. The hosts also discuss listeners’ heartfelt questions, like this one:

“Why is God not doing anything when people are killing each other? I am a 20-year-old girl … and I listen to Hope for Syria and like your talks. I am not a displaced person, and I love Syria and all the people in it. I love Jesus very much and am not a Christian, but I listen to you and learn from you. Thank you for your care.”

“The answers aren’t easy, but Hope for Syria keeps proclaiming the truth, that God remains the Bread of Life throughout the tragic circumstances”, TWR’s Arabic Ministry director said.

“When TWR speaks about the hope we have in our Lord and prayers supporting those words are said live on air, God is able to shelter those who are showered with bullets and bombs, giving them eternal life if they only believe,” said the ministry director, who is not identified here for security reasons. “And the Lord strengthens the faith of those who are experiencing hunger and seeing their kids suffer.”

Hope for Syria isn’t the only programming available from TWR in this region. Several hours of Gospel messages in Arabic are broadcast daily, and detailed schedules can be found at and An iOS app with high-quality Christian content in Arabic is available for free download in the iTunes store at

Arabic is also one of the five languages available on the ministry’s new website,, which provides users with access to a wealth of Christian text, audio and video content. The site will continue to grow in content and in the number of languages served.