Radio series offer spirtual boost to Japan

27 July 2014

Offering a spiritual boost to a nation still recovering from the catastrophic tsunami of 2011, TWR has launched a radio series called Season of Hope. Special radio programmes will air for 2½ hours each weekday over four FM stations covering areas in Japan most affected by the tsunami.

“Japan comprises the second largest unreached people group in the world,” said TWR International Director for Northeast Asia Samuel Tan. “The aftermath of the disaster provided a window for us to speak hope to the hurting Japanese people, especially when it came to comforting and encouraging them during the post-trauma period.”

TWR had been airing counseling-oriented programming for 10 minutes a week over 12 FM community radio stations. “We were able to help the survivors, especially in the mental, psychological and spiritual aspects,” Tan said.

The new Season of Hope series offers listeners in the hardest-hit areas an opportunity to receive content focusing on praise and worship, prayer and biblical instruction. “Three years after the disaster, people are now much more receptive to our programmes,” Tan said.2