Spread the Blessings!

27 December 2014

CAMBODIA — TWR-Cambodia’s initiative to offer Community Health Education (CHE) training on maintaining good health and practices have proven to be life-transforming for many participants from several provinces.

In the month of August, the ministry team visited provinces such as Phnom Penh and Kampot to conduct CHE training to participants, including TWR-Cambodia listeners. The ministry has received good reviews on its lessons from the listeners, students and church leaders.

Rom, a pastor from a church in Kampong Som province, was deeply grateful that he was able to join the CHE training conducted by TWR-Cambodia. He almost missed the training due to his busy schedule but he heard God’s prompting, asking him to sign up.

“I know it was not an accident but God planned for me to be here,” said Rom. “I felt so sad and confused when one of the kids in my church died because of the lack of proper care. After attending the CHE training, I started to realise that taking care of my church involves not just helping their spiritual growth, but also their physical well-being.”

Through the lessons, Rom learnt the importance of spiritual, physical, social and relationship health. He added, “After this training, I have a plan to train my church members to know more about CHE and develop my church and community.”

Rom already has in mind the first village to start teaching this lesson. “It is a village where people do not have high education,” said Rom. “I know it will be hard to develop and change their thoughts, but I know God is with me and I can do all things through Christ.”

We want to give praise and thanks to God for open doors, so that TWR-Cambodia is able to minister to others through imparting practical knowledge for better living in Christ. Let us pray for Rom and others who attended the training, that they would be able to spread the blessings they have received to others in need.