TWR is Tranforming Lives in Kenya

27 December 2014

God is using TWR to transform lives in Kenya, and awesome things can happen in a year. One year ago, Maata 101.9 FM, TWR’s voice in Lodwar, Kenya was born. Today, the picture in Lodwar is a miracle of growth and blessing. The astounding physical changes from a place known for poverty, illiteracy, ancestor worship and prone to conflict over natural resources is seeing a beautiful change.

At a nearby shopping center, a shoe repair workshop has become a radio listener’s gathering spot, most of them men aged between 15 and 40 years.

Their favorite is the Maata Radio Breakfast Show. Maata Radio is different from other local stations because it’s wholistic. It shares the good news of salvation, but also seeks to transform lives, to empower and change people’s attitude through social development programs.

Praise God with us for the development of the Lodwar station. Pray that the next year will see God’s continued blessing upon the TWR-Kenya FM ministry. Get involved in the TWR-Kenya FM outreach, or read the full story.