27 December 2014

TWR has broadcast a series of conservation farming programmes over the past three years together with the Foundations for Farming organisation and other partners in Africa. The programmes have been used across several media platforms in Africa to help ensure food security for communities and income generation for families. This programme incorporates farming from God’s perspective and proven farming methods to address the issue of food insecurity. By using different Bible references, the programme seeks to bring people to the knowledge of God.

TWR’s “Foundations for Farming” programme has been broadcast successfully in French, English and Swahili to audiences in East and West Africa. A team in Mozambique is currently developing radio programmes for this exciting conservation series to be broadcast in two languages in Mozambique.

TWR has identified the farming of crops and rearing of animals as a strategic means for poverty eradication in Mozambique. The majority of Mozambicans are either farmers or have inherited farm land, but have little knowledge on good farming practices. Zambezia Province has a population of over 5 million people made up of families with an average of six members who depend on farming for their source of food and income. Sadly, more than half of Mozambique’s population live in poverty and the number is as high as 70% in Zambezia, the poorest province in Mozambique.

TWR and its project partners, the Association of Evangelicals of Mozambique (AEMZ), and local partners in Zambezia believe that the “Foundations for Farming” programme is a missing key needed to boost food security in order to uplift Mozambique’s impoverished and generate income whilst improving family life. AEMZ’s work has two main components: food security and disaster response. These two areas of operation use an evangelistic approach to reach out to the community and complement the conservation audio programmes that have been developed by TWR.

In addition to the “Foundations for Farming” radio programme there will be an on-the-ground training for community promoters (trainers) on the topics of farming and nutrition in order to address the hunger, malnutrition and poor farming practices in the region. This will take the form of workshops and training manuals accompanied by audio training programmes. The project is also training up local volunteer food security promoters on Foundations for Farming’s conservation farming and basic nutritional lessons.

The youth in Mozambique, who are the future of Mozambique, are roaming the street without jobs and in most cases they have no experience and knowledge on how to farm. This project will therefore target young people. TWR already involves the youth where possible in its radio programmes and broadcasts. Many of TWR Africa’s producers and technicians are young people and some of them are gaining experience by volunteering at production studios and as presenters.

In addition to the youth, the “Foundations for Farming” programmes, which will be broadcast in Lomwe and Portuguese, will also target farmers, aspiring farmers and their families, as well as the general population who are interested in gardening to start growing crops with limited resources. With the right information about nutrition Mozambicans can obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals from locally grown produce for optimal health.