TWR’s Women of Hope Program in Nepal

27 December 2014

Sara was brought up in a non-Christian family in Nepal. She is currently 17-years-old and still in school. Unknown to many, she has been oppressed by an evil spirit for three years.

Her parents did everything they could but no solution was found. Her state of health had deteriorated so badly that everyone around her thought she was going to die soon. One day, she experienced a breakthrough and it started from her first visit to the TWR-Nepal office.

“I got an opportunity to visit TWR-Nepal. I felt peace while listening to the sharing of the Word by the ministry staff. I also came to know about the Women of Hope radio program, Nari Asha, and decided to listen to it.”

TWR-Nepal gave Sara a radio so that she could listen to the program at home. From the program, she came to know that Jesus had healed the man who was possessed by an evil spirit, and also healed the women who had suffered bleeding for 12 years.

“It gave me courage and hope that I can be healed in Christ. I started to pray and also got connected with the local church,” exclaimed Sarah. “I am now fully healed and have drawn closer to Jesus. Thanks to the Women of Hope production team at TWR-Nepal!”

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