Encouraging believers in over 80 Asian languages

14 May 2019

Listeners are at the heart of everything we do at TWR, which is why we broadcast in over 230 languages and dialects, including more than 80 spoken in Asia. Here we have some messages TWR has received from people who have been blessed by TWR’s programming in Asia.

This listener has been particularly encouraged by the Mandarin broadcast of the ‘Thru the Bible’ series.

“Dear friends at Thru the Bible and TWR, shalom! Thank God for His grace, and thank you for your radio programme! Thank you for your teaching, pastoral care and prayers … I remember having a lot of dreams about going to class, studying and the teachers assigning homework. In my dreams I was taking examinations and getting stuck, which made me feel very anxious … Now, I realise that God wants me to learn a spiritual lesson. He wants me to learn to be like Jesus. I am thankful that our God is a merciful God. He is a God full of compassion and grace! I wait for God’s timing and His guidance and the change he is working in me. Thank you all!”

A sister from Shandong province in China who is a student of TWR’s Seminary on the Air programme, writes to share her story with us.

“I am a first-year student of ‘Seminary on the Air’. Although I have yet to meet you face-to-face, I feel as if we are old friends. A sister in Christ introduced your broadcast to me, and it has been such a great blessing in my life! Every night, I listen to your broadcast with great excitement. My heart finds great comfort listening to the programme. Also, the voices of your presenters share the Word of God in an intimate manner. It is like meeting with the Lord face-to-face! It feels as if the Lord is upholding me and leading me forward, step-by-step, via the radio during times of trials and tribulations.  My relationship with God has also become more intimate. I have some good news to share, too! God has begun to work within my family. My parents have decided to pray and trust in the Lord. Also, God has brought about great change in the attitudes of my husband and my in-laws.”

Our final listener was introduced to TWR through a few kindly visits from a Christian neighbour when he felt the most isolated. The broadcasts in Cantonese, his native language, helped explain the truth of the Gospel after he turned to Christ.

“I used to be a fervent devotee of another faith. I even joined in on a demonstration for my religious beliefs, and I was sent to prison for two years for my actions. In prison, I was lonely and suffered a lot. But my religious leaders never visited me. They were the ones that had instigated me to go on demonstration. But the moment I got into trouble, they all forsook me and never visited me or cared for me, not even after I was released. Two months ago, I got to know a follower of Jesus, and this man gave me a radio. He was not related to me in any way, yet he would humble himself to care for me and show love to a lonely old man like me. Why would he do that for someone who has nothing? I could not understand that!
I discovered the answer as I started to listen to TWR’s programmes. Through the broadcasts in my language, I learned that if a person believes in Jesus Christ and has the Holy Spirit dwelling inside, then the person would be able to live out Christ’s love and Christ’s love would overflow to others.
Christ’s love is so wondrous to me. He is able to heal all my hurts. I believe in Jesus Christ! I want to tell the good news of Christ’s salvation to my family and friends who still believe in my former faith. Thank God! And thanks, TWR!”