Women of Hope pray for mothers throughout May

28 May 2019

TWR Women’s ministry, ‘Women of Hope’, speaks the truth that Jesus is the only one who can provide perfect peace, hope and healing, whatever the situation. Women in many parts of the world are marginalised, experiencing high levels of poverty, lack of education, oppression and health crises. But God does not see women as helpless or weak. Instead, God has a beautiful story for each woman as a unique expression of his grace and love. No matter how daunting the challenges appear for women around the world, God has not forgotten any of them and has a good plan for each, inspiring the mission of ‘Women of Hope’.

Every May, ‘Women of Hope’ celebrates the very special place mothers have in our hearts. Not always held by our biological parent, the role of mother can be held by stepmothers, adoptive mothers and those special women in our lives who love us unconditionally, forgive us, fight for us, influence us and rejoice with us in little and big things. Mothers also typically have the primary responsibility for making sure that their children get the nutrition, guidance, education and health care they need to grow up to be healthy, thriving adults. From conception, as babies, children and teenagers, mothers have enormous responsibilities, and too often their sacrifices are not appreciated as they face insurmountable challenges.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 is best known as a wedding passage, but the love it speaks of can be applied to mothers too. It shows us a love that is unconditional, authentic and persevering and this love is a wonderful demonstration of the love that the Father has for us and calls us to show others. 

Sadly, many do not experience this love. Millions of mothers do not have a Christian role model or have never received training on how to properly care for a baby, to make nutritious food, to keep their families healthy, to sew or to teach moral values to their children. At TWR Women of Hope, we are sharing Christ’s love, the perfect representation of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. We are showing women what Godly love looks like as they hear the truths of Scripture, as they feel the love that comes from being lifted up in prayer and as they experience the love through their sisters in Christ. 

Please join us in prayer as we pray for mothers — biological, spiritual or special mentors — this month, and for more mothers to come to know the Lord and to look to him for wisdom, strength and encouragement as they shape the world’s future through the lives of their children.

Below are some specific prayer points from ‘Women of Hope’. You can find the full ‘Women of Hope’ prayer calendar at https://www.twrwomenofhope.org/prayer/monthly-focus

  • Young girls who were forced to marry as children and who had babies as teenagers, causing many to suffer health issues. 
  • The provision of better health care to prevent deaths worldwide that result from complications during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Mothers who are grieving the death of a child, and women who have lost their babies through miscarriages and are grieving the children they never held. 
  • Unemployed mothers who are struggling to feed their children.
  • Local groups whose purpose is to teach young mothers how to take care of their babies and to encourage them to return to school and strive for a better future.
  • Mothers, particularly those who do not read, to hear of God’s love for them through our Women of Hope program. 
  • Women to discover hope in Christ instead of turning to alcohol. 
  • Women and girls to receive the information and support they need to prevent pregnancies that come too soon or too often. They need to be able to better care for their own health and the health of their babies.