A message from TWR-UK’s Chairman, Harvey Thomas, CBE.

If you are visiting this page, I imagine you have been listening to TWR on DAB digital radio in the North West of England.

You will know by now that MXR Digital Ltd., who operate the North West DAB Multiplex, are withdrawing from this service on the 24th of September and consequently TWR will no longer be on DAB.

So I wanted to make sure that you have as much information as possible to enable you to continue to listen to all your favourite programmes on TWR.

Here are the ways you can listen:

We don’t want you to miss any of your favourite programmes, so we have launched a free App for your Smartphone or Tablet. Simply search your App Store for Trans World Radio UK.

Internet Radio
Internet radios receive channels through your home wireless Internet connection. So you can listen to TWR over the Internet without any need to sit in front of your computer, or even have your computer switched on.

Internet radios are available from all main electrical stores and prices begin at about £100.

Please remember, you need a WiFi wireless Internet connection to enjoy Internet radio, which is simple to set up.

TWR can be heard online at twr.org.uk

Satellite Radio

 And don’t forget we are still on satellite channel 0138 and Freesat channel 790.