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TWR's Global Strategic Plan


27 February 2018

TWR’s ministry now spans 190 countries in over 230 languages and dialects, and it can be challenging to take it all in.

TWR have a Global Strategic Plan (GSP) made up of five key areas of ministry: five groups of people and the particular approaches needed to bring the hope of the Gospel into their lives.

Over the course of a year we dedicated the centre section of our Listening World magazine to the GSP, taking each ministry area in turn.

In this ebook we have collected those sections together. In it you can see just some of what makes TWR the world’s furthest reaching Christian radio network.

For each of the areas in turn, the book takes you through what challenges this group of people face and why they are particularly important to the spread of the Gospel. You will find out about some of the headline projects which work with these people, and hear how it impacts the listeners in their own words.

The GSP represents just a portion of TWR’s work around the world, focussing on women, children & youth, HIV/AIDS, church leaders and oral communicators.

To get your free copy of the GSP ebook, simply go to and enter your email address, and a download link will be sent to you.