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A group of women in Mozambique hold up their new Bibles


6 March 2018

There is traffic noise; people talking; children playing; but nevertheless they gather beneath a tree and focus all their attention on the radio being held in the air.

Christians in Northern Mozambique are hungry for a deeper knowledge of Christ. However, they struggle to discern the truth of the Gospel in the midst of a strong culture of ethnic and ancestor worship. To meet this need, TWR Canada has distributed Bibles, audio Bibles and radios in partnership with ShareWord Global (formerly the Gideons International in Canada) and The Bible Society in Mozambique. By combining radio, audio Bibles and printed Bibles, listeners can join together to listen to the radio programmes then read or listen to corresponding Scripture, discuss what they have learned and encourage each other to apply it to their lives.

These have been excellent tools for listeners, listener groups and local pastors. We are delighted to share with you the following testimony of one group that received these tools.

Sphiwe Nxumalo-Ngwenya, TWR Area Ministry Director for Southern Africa, helped distribute Bibles to a TWR Women of Hope prayer group in Northern Mozambique. To get to this group, Sphiwe and several others travelled by public transportation for 70 to 80 kilometres, carrying a large box of Bibles. When they arrived, a large group sat under a tree and someone held the radio in the air to find the clearest reception of the Makhuwa Women of Hope programme. The group, which had more men than women, listened attentively.

It was noisy. Cars whizzed by on a busy road next to them, a train rumbled nearby, and children ran about, laughing and playing. Despite these distractions, everyone in the group was very focused on the programme. As the programme began, the group sang along with the obviously familiar introductory music. When the radio host welcomed the group, they joyfully greeted her back!

Then the programme began. Each person listened with intense concentration, revealing a deep engagement with the words being spoken. After the programme was over, the visitors began distributing the Bibles. The listeners were so happy to receive the Bibles, and they read aloud in sync with the audio Bible. Sphiwe says, “It sounded like choral music with the different voices of the people as they joined [together] in the reading…”

When some of the listeners received their Bible, they immediately looked up their favourite Scripture verse(s)—verses they had memorised from the Makhuwa Women of Hope programme.

Now, after listening to the programme, the group stays together longer, listening to Scripture from the audio Bible and reading along in their Bibles as they listen. They read for 30 minutes and then discuss what they heard on the programme and what they have read in the Bible. This time together in the Word is so valuable to them. Please pray for this group and others as they use the Bible, audio Bible and radios to deepen their faith and knowledge of God.

This report comes to you courtesy of TWR Canada.