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The group who signed the official partnership agreement.


13 March 2018

Radio-TV 4VEH, a 68-year-old station known as “the evangelical voice of Haiti,” has become TWR’s 16th national partner in the Americas Region.

4VEH reaches up to a million listeners in the Caribbean in French, English and Creole over five outlets on FM and AM. They broadcast a mixture of Scripture reading, teaching, worship, prayer, family and community-focused information, news, health, agriculture and life skills, and in 2013 they received NRB’s International Radio Ministry Award.

TWR and 4VEH have been working together for some time: after the 2010 earthquake that killed tens of thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands, the two ministries collaborated to provide special programming to help survivors. In 2016 TWR sound experts worked with 4VEH to remodel its main studios.

The new partnership was made official at the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee, on 27 February 2018 with a signing ceremony that featured 4VEH’s Director Storly Michel; TWR ministry vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean, Steve Shantz; Chairman of the 4VEH advisory council, John McLaughlin, Bob Fetherlin, President of One Mission Society (4VEH is a ministry of OMS) and Kate Michel, 4VEH marketing and communications director.

“We feel excited and happy,” said Michel, “we have been working with TWR for a while, and today we made it formal. Our listeners will benefit greatly from this partnership. We can call on TWR for expertise and work together with them to improve the signal for our listeners. With TWR, we have more programmes coming our way and that is good news for our listeners!”

The benefits of partnership, of course, flow in both directions.
“Being a national partner means that from now on we can share our resources and skills with only one goal: to reach the world – in this case, the Caribbean – for Christ,” said Shantz. “For example, TWR can offer Radio-TV 4VEH training, help with studio needs and technical assistance at their transmitter site. Radio-TV 4VEH can help TWR reach new audiences in their mother languages and offer us content that can be used in the TWR global network.”

In addition to becoming the 16th national partner in the Americas Region, Haiti joins a family of more than 60 TWR national partners around the world, from Albania to Zimbabwe.

Top, from left: Bob Fetherlin, Kate Michel, Storly Michel, Steve Shantz and John McLaughlin.