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10 December 2021
As with so many ministries of TWR and our partners, the last 18 months have made for a very different time for our Women of Hope – Kabyle ministry.

Like many of us during the past year, the team had times when they were restricted to staying at home. It was strange for the team not to be able to get out and visit people as this is a critical aspect of their follow-up ministry. In the midst of these challenging times, the team continued their production work and the number of phone calls, especially during the lockdown, increased dramatically.

Though the team is grateful to have alternatives to face-to-face visits, people really missed the personal interactions with the Women of Hope team members. It is impossible to hold someone’s hands through the phone, embrace them, or hand them a tissue to dry their tears.

Even during the pandemic, there have been many encouraging outcomes. While people were restricted to staying home, it meant they had more time to listen to our programmes. Between March and April, several phone calls were received from people thanking the team for the continued broadcasts!

More men seem to be calling in as well. One of them said, “Thank you so much for inspiring us and helping us to see that there is hope.”

Many Kabyle women have been equipped with (more) knowledge about the Bible in their mother tongue. A lot of women testify that the programmes have helped them endure hardship and persecution. We have received a lot of feedback from people acknowledging what they’ve learnt through the programmes, not only Biblical or Christian knowledge but also practical ways of how to deal with fear, trials, and oppression. We have seen changed lives, growth in faith, and people getting to know Jesus. Many in North Africa have faced issues including the closure of churches and dealing with ongoing fear.

We are continuously and prayerful assessing how to improve and we have recently launched a Facebook platform to start utilising social media more effectively. We are excited for the future of this vital ministry as the Women of Hope – Kabyle team seeks to reach, encourage, uplift and walk with Kabyle women through the challenges they face. We are desiring to expand our ways of interacting with the audience and gaining better insight into the statistics which can help inform TWR on the impact of the programme. With the recently launched website and now the very recently launched Facebook page, we are confident that the opportunities to interact with the audience will increase.

Join us in praying for the Women of Hope – Kabyle team, as they continue to speak hope into the lives of many women. Pray for the new Facebook page, that it will create new opportunities to connect with women. Also, pray that the team will have wisdom and Biblical insight when producing new programmes.

Photo credit: Amy Wenzel.