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The group who signed the official partnership agreement.
13 March 2018

Radio-TV 4VEH, a 68-year-old station known as “the evangelical voice of Haiti,” has become TWR’s 16th national partner in the Americas Region. 4VEH reaches up to a million listeners in the Caribbean in French, English and Creole over five outlets...Read More

A group of women in Mozambique hold up their new Bibles
6 March 2018

There is traffic noise; people talking; children playing; but nevertheless they gather beneath a tree and focus all their attention on the radio being held in the air. Christians in Northern Mozambique are hungry for a deeper knowledge of Christ....Read More

TWR's Global Strategic Plan
27 February 2018

TWR’s ministry now spans 190 countries in over 230 languages and dialects, and it can be challenging to take it all in. TWR have a Global Strategic Plan (GSP) made up of five key areas of ministry: five groups of...Read More



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