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A young girl ready to attend a wedding in KZN
20 November 2018

From a meeting in a Baptist church 35 years ago, TWR’s Zulu language ministry (TWR-KZN) has grown into a thriving ministry which is now working on reaching out across the world. The team began by recording 15 minute episodes of...Read More

Budapest at dusk
13 November 2018

Centuries of rich Christian heritage trampled on by decades of communist control have left post-communist Hungary in a state of disillusion, dissatisfaction and upheaval. The people of Hungary have been close to the heart of TWR since day one: our...Read More

A young woman listens to a broadcast and reads her Bible.
6 November 2018

TWR-UK has a longstanding relationship with MERA (TWR in Hungary). Next week we will be hearing from our CEO about his recent visit to Hungary and how the ministry is going over there. In preparation for that, here is a...Read More



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