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An Indian woman
19 March 2019

Like many women in northern India, Anju* knelt before gods and goddesses, praying for her life to improve. When she found no peace, she tried to kill herself. Thankfully, Anju survived, and her sister came to visit her. Anju’s sister...Read More

A young Indian man
12 March 2019

In 2018 TWR India… “A few years after I started listening to your programme regularly, I became sick and weak, and was unable to work. During that depressing period, God spoke to me through your programme — I remember it...Read More

Footprints in the sand
5 March 2019

TWR Swaziland airs programmes in 31 languages, reaching millions of people in southern, eastern and central Africa with the hope of Christ. But there’s more to it – this TWR location has quite the history! Over 45 years ago, TWR purchased...Read More



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