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November 10, 2018
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3 days ago

TWR NewsDesk

It's less than an hour until the queue for the office microwave gets far too long and you have to sneak off to use the one downstairs (speaking from personal experience there), why not tune into TWR's Lunchtime News while you wait?

We're going to be talking about:

The Brexit negotiations being in their endgame - what does that mean and does everyone agree with Theresa May?

Freakshakes! What are they, and do they need to be banned in the name of health? We're speaking to Holly Gabriel from Action on Sugar to find out.

Violent crime in London - with homicides in 2018 already equaling 2017 levels, can Christians be doing more? We'll be speaking to Ruth Jackson, editor of Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine, about a new campaign called 'Peace on our Streets'.

Make sure you tune in at 12pm!

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4 days ago

TWR NewsDesk

Just putting the final touches on today's Lunchtime News Roundup.

We'll be speaking to Nigel Fawcett-Jones, rapid response team coordinator, for Billy Graham Evangelistic Association UK, for an update on the California wildfires, and how their teams will be responding.

Eddie will be speaking to Philip Powell, from the Jubilee Centre, about the role of social media in the spreading of fake news and how Christians should think through their own response and use of social media.

And James Maidment-Fullard will be reporting on the Chequer's agreement, and the news that some cabinet ministers have expressed doubts over their feasibility.

Tune in at 12pm.

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7 days ago

TWR NewsDesk

Armistice Day 2018 ...

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