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January 9, 2021
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5 hours ago

TWR NewsDesk

Is racism and lifelong discrimination a root cause of Covid-19 deaths?

Will the UK face a double-dip recession?

And how did the National Police Computer lose 150,000 records?

Tune in to the Daily News Review at 10am, and the Lunchtime News Roundup at midday, for all the latest with the TWR UK news team -

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1 day ago

TWR NewsDesk

Following the 2nd impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, is it likely the Senate will convict him? Does the repeated use of impeachments cheapen the whole process? Is America more divided on partisan lines than ever before? And could Christian leaders end up in an invidious position in the next few years, because of how they've acted during the Trump Presidency?

At midday, we'll be talking to Dr Matthew Mokhefi-Ashton, lecturer in politics at Nottingham Trent University, to find out! Tune in from 12 midday at

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