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Radio Home Groups Sustain Believers in Nepal

11 July 2024

Every day, Christians all over the world contend with persecution and abuse because of their faith. Accepting Christ can often come with rejection from family and society, especially so in places like Nepal, where Hinduism is the prominent religion.

While no longer an official Hindu state, radical Hindu groups still attack Christians in Nepal. In the face of such challenges, the unwavering commitment to faith demonstrated by believers serves as a humbling reminder that even though we may not always be grateful for our circumstances, we can always find gratitude in what God has given us and done for us and this perspective is transformative.

Radio home groups in Nepal serve as an effective tool for empowering Maithili- and Bhojpuri-speaking communities by offering hope-filled audio programmes in their heart language. These small groups provide a space for participants to listen to these programmes and engage in discussions together, promoting collective spiritual growth and learning. This is particularly beneficial for new believers who may not be able to read, as it offers them an avenue to access biblical teachings and messages of God’s love in an audio format.

The evangelistic programmes presented in these groups focus on conveying the transformative message of Jesus and his redemptive purpose. In addition to facilitating Bible study and prayer, radio home groups encourage active involvement in church leadership, fostering a deeper connection to faith and community among participants.

One church leader shared,

“We send new believers and unbelievers to join these evangelical Maithili-programme radio home groups to receive more knowledge and become spiritually shaped. Often, we hear from our believers as they receive this teaching that they learn to pray unceasingly, give tithes to the Lord, and keep the Sabbath. As our believers feed from the programme and mature in their faith, we express gratitude toward the TWR ministry. This radio home group ministry serves us spiritually, bringing social and moral reformation into people’s lives. God’s love and his care for us are sufficient.”

As radio home group participants regularly engage with these resources, they express gratitude for the opportunity to deepen their understanding of faith and connect with others on their spiritual journey. One long-time listener shared,

“I am a listener of the Bhojpuri radio programme. God is so loving. My family and I have given our lives to God. The Bible and His Word speak to me in very polite ways and through divine guidance, which always helps me be content and thankful to God for whatever I have.”

As radio home groups are established, Christian communities flourish and believers increase in faith. Witnessing their growth and dedication to their spiritual journey fills us with profound encouragement and hope.

Despite the adversity these believers face, they remain steadfast in their faith, demonstrating remarkable resilience and determination. Their initiative and passion for spiritual life serve as a powerful example to us all, reminding us that transformation starts within and has the power to spread outward through prayer and faith.

Join us in praying for believers in Nepal as they grow in faith in community.