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Yao women in Malawi dance in front of a crowd


1 May 2018

This week we have four quick updates from around the world.

TWR West Africa

TWR Africa have plans for a new additional transmitter at the West Africa site. The existing transmitter is 100KW, and equipment has been secured to add a 200KW transmitter, broadcasting into the areas of Nigeria occupied by Boko Haram. The final hurdle is obtaining the license from the government. Please pray that it will be granted quickly.

TWR Africa (Swaziland)

Brand new broadcasts have begun from TWR’s Swaziland transmitter into Malawi in the Yao language. TWR Africa have received an amazing 439 responses in the first 30 days in the form of letters, visits, emails and social media messages. If the usual multiplier applies, that means that TWR has already acquired over 40,000 listeners in the Yao language. Please pray for the Gospel to continue speaking powerfully in Malawi.

Central Asia

We cannot give many details about this next item because of security concerns, but it appears God is opening a new outlet in Central Asia, in response to much prayer. More details should follow in the next couple of months, but in the meantime please pray that this opportunity will come to fruition.

Cary Fire Update

In December a fire broke out at the TWR headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. You can read about that here. 1/6 of the building was condemned, and work is underway to rebuild over 1000sqare feet of the building. All new furniture and cubicles are being installed, which TWR International President Lauren Libby describes as a “silver lining”. Finally, the criminal investigation is still ongoing, but has determined that it the fire was a case of arson. Please pray for the repair works, that they will be completed quickly, and for the ongoing investigation.