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A young Indian man


12 March 2019

In 2018 TWR India…

took 60,000 calls from listeners

“A few years after I started listening to your programme regularly, I became sick and weak, and was unable to work. During that depressing period, God spoke to me through your programme — I remember it was a message about healing: Jesus healed the sick and he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. To see his miracles, it was important to believe in Jesus, repent from my sins and accept Him as Lord and Saviour.

I immediately called your office and asked for prayer to be healed. That very same day, God healed me. I praised God that He heard my prayer, and I started believing and trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, reading the Bible and allowing the word of God to motivate my heart and influence my life.

In December of that year, I repented from my sins and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.”

distributed 52,000 CDs and SD cards

“After losing my husband, my son-in-law and my eldest son I fell into deep despair. In my sorrow I heard a voice and it said, “I am Jesus who loves you.” I went searching for this Jesus. In my search, I found him and gave my life to Jesus. I was a very new believer and very ignorant about the Bible. The SD cards that TWR India provided were the start of my spiritual journey. At 63 years old today, I cannot read or write, but God has blessed me to lead 60 Radio Home Groups”. -Kastura Tandi

and 2300 digital audio players

“I am a teacher by profession and an avid listener of the Thru the Bible programmes. I told my colleagues about the digital player and the wonderful programmes and they started asking me for one as well. They were more than willing to pay for them. After that we started giving the players to our contacts and to date we have distributed about 900 digital players.” – Cini

had over 3000 radio home groups

“I used to have a difficult time understanding the Bible on my own, but after I joined the TWR India Radio Home Group, my life has changed! Through this systematic study, I have come to know the real meaning of following Christ.” – A Radio Home Group Participant


…and countless listeners to traditional SW, MW and FM broadcasts. Praise God for a wonderful year in broadcasting to the 1.3 billion people who live in India.