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1 June 2021

Your good news for this week comes from Uganda!

In 2018 and 2019, TWR Canada sponsored a media player distribution containing The Way of Righteousness for an unreached group of people in Uganda. This community has few opportunities to hear about Christ. It is a primarily Muslim group and most evangelical programming in Uganda focuses on other communities. In partnership with a local church, the series was loaded onto MP3 players and distributed to local families. The programme is designed to help people understand God’s Word and to answer the question, “How can someone be righteous before God?” The devices offer the flexibility for listeners to tune in at their own convenience. They can return to past episodes and can easily share the device with others.

We recently received some exciting testimonies of the impact these players are having:

“When I was transitioning to becoming a Christian, I listened to The Way of Righteousness and it’s really helped. The teachings are very encouraging; they bring me peace. They were different, but I’ve been learning a lot from them. I appreciate you so much for sharing the Gospel and making that transition easier for those of us who did not already believe Jesus Christ was our Saviour. It’s really been helpful.”

“I am trying to download the TWR app to listen live – I have an Android phone and I want to listen to you while I’m working! My 12-year-old daughter and I listen on the way to work and school every morning. We enjoy the programming every day. Thanks again for all that the TWR staff does for the glory of God in sharing the Gospel. I can’t wait until tomorrow to listen as I work.”

The Way of Righteousness has always been an important part of my family’s spiritual  growth. Our family loves you guys, and I am so thankful to be raising my kids on Christian values. Blessings to TWR.”

“I wake up to The Way of Righteousness each morning!”

“I listen to The Way of Righteousness because it is a source of solid Bible teaching that brings praise to my heart for our wonderful God and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am continually encouraged in my Christian walk when listening to The Way of Righteousness.”

“I listen to The Way of Righteousness because it lifts me up and feeds me spiritually every morning. The programme helps me make it through the day. Keep up the good work!”

“I receive blessings every morning when I turn my device on. I am 90 years old and have listened to The Way of Righteousness for a year. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

“Hi! I love your programme! I was driving through Kampala about a month ago and a friend gave me your audio player. Thank you so much! I pray for God to bless your organisation. I am a new fan of TWR. God Bless You!”

Praise God for the continued blessing these media players are providing to this group of people! Please pray that those listening to The Way of Righteousness will learn more about Jesus and will begin to follow him.