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15 June 2021

“I am a frequent radio home group listener. I listen very eagerly and carefully to the Word of God. For a long time, I used to simply repeat the prayer our radio home group leader prayed. I am encouraged and comforted in my heart after continuous attendance at the radio home group, and I sense the love of our Lord in my heart. Now I feel confident in praying my own prayers. I want to thank the Lord for all this confidence. I am also grateful to the individuals who have media players from which I can hear the Word of the Lord. May God bless those who have become a source for me to hear the Word.” This is a testimony from a listener in a Muslim country in South Asia, where there are currently 3,051 radio home groups!

We are excited to announce our involvement in the radio home group ministry, as well as radio broadcasts of The Way of Righteousness and The Prophets in South Asia. We have already received many incredible testimonies that we would like to share with you.

“I’m a student and I live in a city. I knew Jesus Christ, but there were many worldly things in my life, and I had no peace in my heart. I even attended church, but I was still not happy with my life. Then I began attending a radio home group near my house. I heard a message on the radio that talked about giving up sins and earthly works for salvation. The speaker also explained how Jesus Christ died to save us. My life was transformed by the Word of God, and I repented of all my sins and received salvation. I was baptised at the age of 18. I spend time reading and praying to God daily. I work as a Sunday school teacher and I work with women as well. Thank you so much and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for everything. May God bless the radio home group ministry!”

“I am the leader of a radio home group in my region. All the members of my group gather regularly to listen to the Word of God. After hearing the Word, we ask one another questions to go over what we have learned. Because of this group, we now understand who Jesus Christ is, why he came to the world, and how he gave himself for our salvation. We have all grown stronger in our faith in Jesus Christ. We are blessed by these programmes. I am thankful to the TWR team that has prepared them.”

A listener of the programme The Way of Righteousness shared their testimony: “I’m from a village and I’m thirty years old. I have two brothers and two sisters. My sisters are married, and my dad works as a labourer. Instead of believing in God, he believed in an evil spirit and even had a spare room dedicated to the spirits. My mother is a woman who fears God and my mother and father ended up in a quarrel about this. I am a frequent listener of TWR radio programmes. One day I was listening to the programme The Way of Righteousness, and my father got closer to the radio and listened to it with great interest. Eventually, he became a frequent listener. After some time, he realised that Jesus Christ gave his life for us. He repented of his sins and embraced Jesus as his personal Saviour. He also demolished the room where he worshipped evil spirits. There was no peace at home before that, but now we have a great sense of peace in our lives.”

We are so thankful for your generous support and prayers which enable us to carry out God’s work across the world. Join us as we praise God for these radio programmes that speak the hope of Christ to listeners in South Asia. Please pray that radio home groups will continue to grow in this region, and that lives will be transformed as a result.