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4 August 2020

The TWR global family continues to produce hope-filled content amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In East and Southern Africa, TWR has adapted content provided by World Vision and created 60-second clips which were then translated and produced by TWR into languages used in Africa. So far, the content has been broadcast in seven languages on 33 outlets—TWR’s own platforms and FM stations in the region. In addition, inspirational messages by three TWR leaders are being distributed. Early on during the pandemic, they produced a 26-minute special programme in the form of an interview with a Christian doctor who talks about the disease and how to stay safe as well as the hope of the gospel. This was recently followed up with another special program called Season of Hope.

The original 26-minute special program has reached far and wide. We were moved when we received the news from Pastor G. in Uganda about its effect there.

“Today I was visiting some people desperate for food—we need God’s mercy. I almost cried when I saw some families. People are now depending on the gospel more than ever before. The audio we recorded has made a great impact—even Muslims are now requesting the programme. One family told me, ‘now we see your God.’ 

“Just today I received five phone calls for audio players from Muslim families. We will be playing the TWR Coronavirus message on one of the FM stations here. I downloaded it and gave it to them. 

“The programme has been played on a local FM station. People called in to ask questions and it was amazing. About 30 people called in. I was in the company of a Christian military doctor. He handled questions regarding the disease, and I handled the biblical part. The district health officer called and requested for the message to be aired again tomorrow. People in Kampala (the capital city) can hear it and call in. 

“I met with another station which will air it on Sunday. The health authorities have given me platforms to share the message. Today the town council in a village outside of Kampala gave me free airtime to air the programme on the town megaphone speakers.”  

In the following days, Pastor G received a meeting request from the Minister of Health for the Republic of Uganda. This worried him at first, but he went to the meeting. The Minister had heard about the programme and liked it; she wanted to know more about TWR. She explained that she came to know about TWR from a Nubian friend in Kenya, a people group that TWR has been ministering to with our media player project. In the meeting, she thanked TWR for the foresight to have such a programme that educates the community. She prayed for the TWR president and all staff around the world and pledged her support for operations of TWR in Uganda. She also said she would introduce the programme to the president of Uganda because there has not been any local content like this, especially with a doctor involved.

There have been great responses from other parts of Africa, too. Many people have been encouraged and given hope during these challenging times.


Join us as we praise God for how far the work of TWR has reached and the connections that were made with government officials because of this particular programme. We pray that TWR can continue to be a blessing to the region during this difficult time.